Add On Products

Floor Plans:   This is a brand new service and very reasonable prices.

Virtual Staging:  Getting started is easy. Simply send Virtual Staging Solutions the photos of your listing and they’ll be digitally furnished by professional designers. Would you pay more for an attractive home or an ugly home? When we are done with your photos they’ll be more attractive so you don’t waste time and advertising dollars trying to sell (or rent) a boring, dreary, or dare we even say… uninteresting home.

Web Address:  Give your listing its own unique dot-com web address.  NameCheap has the best services to do this.

Free QRCodes A QR Code will be sent to you via email upon request that will take the viewer to the virtual tour’s web address that you can put on your flyer or on a sticker on the flyer box.

Photo Restoration    PhotoShop restoration is $19 an hour with a $38 minimum charge.  Three images will be delivered via a DropBox:  the original, the restored, and one with a sepia filter.

Say NO to CDs

Do not purchase CDs /DVDs. It is an added expense that is a waste of money.  You need a computer to listen to and view them. Sending a link to a virtual tour via email or from a web site or social media is the safest way for the public to see what you want them too see without any technical problems out of your control.  People will take them with no desire to view them and just throw them away.


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