Virtual Staging

There are two services you can use to stage your vacant listing. One is do it yourself and the other one is not.

You can get a Free Account with  It is the do-it-yourself solution for virtual staging. Use your desktop or tablet to stage a photo in just minutes. They offer affordable pricing bundles with no subscriptions. Experience the software for free on samples, and pay as little as $7.98, when you are ready to stage your own photo.  We will take your photos and you can upload them on the VisualStager Desk Top using Google Chrome.

This is the alternative.  Getting started is easy. Simply send VSS the photos of your listing and they’ll be digitally furnished by professional designers. Would you pay more for an attractive home or an ugly home? When we are done with your photos they’ll be more attractive so you don’t waste time and advertising dollars trying to sell (or rent) a boring, dreary, or dare we even say… uninteresting home.

Capture More Leads.

We’ll email your photos back to you in digital format within 5 business days so you can stop losing potential buyers before they even walk in the door. Post your photos for the world to see on the MLS, your website or any other marketing materials. Vacant and poorly furnished homes can be difficult to make an emotional connection with. Virtual staging will help buyers instantly connect with the home. Don’t let them blankly look at just four empty walls or they’ll quickly move on to the next listing.

Impress Your Clients.

Experience a great way to win over new listing contracts by being unique. Anyone can snap some photos of a normal home but how much good do they really do? Stand out from the countless other photos that your customers will be looking at. Buyers and sellers will praise you for being a savvy marketer, all while adding value to the home buying or renting experience.

Join Us.

Thousands of people from the world’s top companies choose Virtual Staging Solutions every day. Now you can join them in saving money and increasing the likeliness of selling your properties. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about paying hefty furniture renting fees or hauling in furniture that will likely scratch the floors and walls.

  • Pricing is paid to Virtual Staging Solutions.  You deal directly with VSS.

    3 Photos $225
    4 Photos $300
    5 Photos $375
    6 Photos $450
    7 Photos $525


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