Aerial Fly In

The Aerial Fly In is FREE on my virtual tours…..

We will  take your real estate  images and give you a free aerial fly in on your virtual tour.   Is your listing hard to find, has great ocean views, or is the perfect location location location?  Then you need an Aerial Fly In.   3 D terrine and buildings are now available all around the USA.  The cost is free if you purchase a virtual tour otherwise they are $25.   If we did not take your listing images it is $35.

There is no background music, narratives, branding, or text added.. The finished product a 1280 x 720 mp4. We reserve the right on how they are produced. The only direction you have are the locations.

These are YouTube samples for website display that you can make on your own channel.

The actual HD  mp4 video is placed on your Virtual Tour.

A drone cannot do these Aerial Fly Ins without breaking the law.


If you hire a drone make sure they are licensed with the FAA, have a registered craft, and have liability insurance.   You do not need worry about all of this if you call me for an Aerial Fly In.

All Drones must now be registered.  Another rule when it comes to drones is that they can’t be used in “first person view.” This means you can’t use monitors, goggles and other techniques to pilot using the feed from the drone’s cameras. You must be able to keep your eyes on the drone in the sky at all times. That also means you can’t pilot it over the horizon.

Just because you are a commercial pilot does not mean you can fly a drone.  All unmanned aircraft used for commercial or business purposes  are subject to FAA regulation. At a minimum, any such flights require an FAA certified drone and pilot, By law, any aircraft operation in the national airspace requires a certificated and registered aircraft, a licensed pilot, and operational approval. Ask to see the FAA issued certification and registration to fly a drone.

Did you know you cannot fly a drone within a 5 mile radius of the Salinas and Monterey Airports unless you call the tower at these two airports to get permission?  There is a $10,000 fine if caught and it is highly likely the homeowner and relator are liable since they hired the owner of the Drone.  No Drone can be flown over any property without permission by the owner.   *Read the myths and facts about drones.

We Reserve the right to refuse doing an Aerial Fly In for other LOCAL Virtual Tour Providers.


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