Ambiance Vignettes

Just like a buyer I look for the best features of your listings. You are not selling furniture. The buyer must see the size of the rooms in relationship to the next room. To accomplish this I use a wide angle lens as compared to one that is taking just a vignette. If you want a vignette of any image it is simple to make it in Photoshop CS6 of any one of your images. Let’s talk about this.

The buyer sees how big the foyer is, where the stair case is, and much more in the living room.

A smaller lens shows nice furniture but does not let the buyer see the real picture.

Do you want a Vignette to show the Ambiance of your listing. No problem I can crop the original image and add the border if that is something you want do. Three will be done free of charge with or without the black vignette border.


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