Image Pricing

The same price is charged no matter what size the home or commercial property is.  Free Personal Portraits while taking images of your property.  Select what you need instead of being forced into a package you do not want.  Professional Image Editing has been added on.

High Definition Images Infused with Light.

  • 15 Images $200
  • 25 Images $210
  • Each additional image $3
  • It is your choice if you want a Virtual Tour $20

Additional Items

  • Aerial Fly  $10
  • Every image will be added to  your virtual tour.  There are no limits and no extra charges.  You will be able to set the order and visibility in the Client Panel.
  • Free “Introduction Narrative”.  This is Kate a synthetic voice 
      Now meet Paul a synthetic voice  

Free  items that you deserve…

Create Your Own Packages. Select from the price list above to provide the items needed to showcase your listings.   Beware of any virtual tour company that  does not post their package prices.  Why pay more for items you do not need?  It is your decision how you want to market your property. We schedule the allotted time needed for this service. The total length of time is normally one hour. There is no charge if there is a delay. Normally Dave will arrive early. There is a $19 cancellation fee  if we are en-route.

It is your choice if you want a virtual tour which includes:  

  • HD images, panoramas and video
  • You are not stuck with a package so tell me what you want
  • Floorplans & Hotspots
  • Free Aerial Fly Ins
  • Distribution to 40+ real estate and social media websites
  • Free Narratives
  • Completely photographed using Lighting and or HDR technology
  • Free tour music
  • Real time hit tracking reports
  • Customizable tour window with your logo and photo
  • Branded and Unbranded links for the  MLS
  • Multiple design & layout options
  • Free printable flyers
  • Your own tour administrative  page that works on the iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Agent and Co-Agent Support
  • Hosting of the tour for ever.  It never expires
  • Customer self-service
  • Mobile & Tablet Optimized
  •  Free QR code
  • Create Video & Post to YouTube
  • Custom Schools Information just for Monterey County.
  •  See more about this here.

Monterey COUNTY Virtual Tours  tells a story about your listings.

They always have a happy ending.

Here is a home with a view on Signal Hill in Pebble Beach


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